Your Queer Weekend Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up slowly. Your head is pounding, a strange dry taste is in your mouth, there's a queasy feeling in your gut. All of these can only mean one thing.

You had fun last night.

Last night a few friends from the factory took you out for a drink after work as it's your birthday today. But you don't quite remember everything. The guys from work bought you a round or two of beers. And then you went to that club and had a few shots. And then someone told you to try a certain whiskey brand they had up on the shelf. The last thing you remember is holding a bottle of vodka and a straw and someone betting you couldn't ...

And that's all you remember. The rest of the night is a blur. You're slightly surprised you somehow made it home.

But here you are, waking up in your own bed. The only thing that seems out of place is the fact that you seem to be wearing a loose t-shirt and even looser lounge pants in bed. Usually you just strip to your boxers or get naked. But it's hardly the worst way you've woken up after a party. It also proves you came home alone. Cause if you'd found a guy to come back with you ... well you sure as hell wouldn't be wearing anything at all.

But here you are, slumped in bed all warm and cosy. In fact it's so nice you feel your eyes begin to close again. Every part of you still feels tired and you could easily fall asleep again. But only one thing seems to be stopping you from doing that. You've woken up enough to realise you have an itch.

Your slip your hand under your t-shirt and scratch your belly. That helped, but it's not the only place that needs attention. You slide your hand lower and into the top of your lounge pants. The thick hair curling up from your crotch scrapes across your hand as you scratch lower. You can feel the base of your cock just under your fingers and you slide your hand down a bit more and you scratch yourself harder. You make sure you press down on your dick to get the blood flowing and you give another sigh as it starts to swell slightly from your actions. The itch is gone but now you have a different sort of need growing.

It's Saturday morning so at least you don't have to rush to work. So what will you do?

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