Your Brother's Girlfriend

From Create Your Own Story

Your Brother is a hockey player and he has a sexy Girlfriend. Everyone went to his game except you and you're expecting them to get home soon because his game is over.

You then hear the doorbell ring and think to yourself, "That's strange. Why didn't they just go through the garage if they are already home?" You then head to the door and see Kennedy , your brother's girlfriend. You answer the door and see her in a tight shirt making her D size tits look huge. Her red hair framing her emerald green eyes and delicate face as it flows down all the way down to her lower back.

You ask her where everyone else is at? She replies, "Oh...your brother is not home yet?" She probably left the rink early. She then says, "Oh well, I guess I will go wait for him in his room. Is that fine?"

You say it is probably fine with your brother, so she walks up the stairs as you stare at her perfect ass and try to take a peek underneath her skirt. to your surprised you see that she isn't wearing any underwear. A couple minutes have passed and your parents and brother are still not home.

Do you

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