Your Best Friend's Younger Sister

From Create Your Own Story

It's Saturday night, and you're finally off work. You're a senior in high school who plays tight end on the varsity football team, so your only chance to make money is on weekends. Naturally, you're looking to kick back, but there aren't any parties tonight. Your best friend, Adam, has a killer video game collection and a huge house, so you decide to hit him up.

You get out your cell phone and call Adam, who picks up on the first ring. You tell him you're bored, and he invites you to spend the night playing video games, eating pizza and doing what typical high schoolers do. Soon, you're at his front door, which is answered by his drop-dead gorgeous younger sister, Kara.

"Hi," she greets you, shyly twisting a finger through her long red hair. She's clad in black little shorts and a tight white top. She pulls her shoulders together, as though she wants to hide from you. The motion only causes her achingly huge tits to press together and double in size before you, but you pretend to ignore it - you're used to girls being awkward around you.

"Hey, Kara." Grinning, you walk into the house like you own the place. She steps back a little, intimidated. She's a sophomore at your school, but she's smaller than most of the girls in her grade. Compared to her, you feel enormous, and your muscled arms look like they could crush her. With a cock your size inside her, she would be filled beyond the limit. You've never had any trouble finding chicks to fuck considering your popularity and sexual reputation, but there's something about Kara that really turns you on.

You have to force yourself to stop thinking sexually about her. Nothing could ever happen between the two of you since your best friend, Adam, would kill you.

"Is Adam upstairs?" you ask, moving past her.

She nods, and you smile at her again before joining your friend upstairs in the media room.

You and Adam play video games for a while before Kara comes upstairs and asks to join you guys, like she usually does as she sits next to you.

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