Young Love

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Young Love is a complex story of a handsome, slightly neurotic dirty-blonde boy named Matthew Parker and a cute, adventurous red-haired girl named Amanda O'Rielly. Together these two young teenagers are about to discover intimacy, sex, deceit, pain and perhaps even love and commitment depending on the choices you make. Play as Matthew in 2nd person point of view.

Another year of school is over, next year you and Amanda will be freshman in high school. Sure you were the star of his football team in junior high but you wonder if things might be different in high school. You look longingly over at Amanda. Amanda looks back with a curious smile as the two of you walk holding hands on your way home. Would Amanda still want to be with you if you are no longer the top prospect or would she latch onto whoever was the most popular or perhaps had the most promising future?

The two of you may not have been a couple for very long but you have been friends for as long as you can remember. She can read you like a book and notices you deep in thought. She squeezes your hand and flashes a radiant smile that makes you feel all fuzzy inside as you walk down the street of your neighborhood. It doesn't take much to cheer you up and the both of you quickly find yourselves at Amanda's doorstep. Most days a small peck on the cheek was the most Amanda would get out of you as you part ways but today she wants a little more. Being the foward girl she is Amanda puckers her lips, closes her eyes and coyly awaits your next move.

Do you:

Young Love/ Matt kisses Amanda on the lips

Young Love/ Kiss Amanda on the cheek

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