You Disappear

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Warning: This story may contain extreme graphic content and violence including torture, rape, and death of people that may include children.

Just a little not before we begin. If you add to this story please keep the choices to four or less. Also do not give a name to the main character which is you.

Sometimes people disappear and are never found again. Others disappear and are found again sometimes alive but more often than not they are found dead. These disappearances are strange because there's usually no explanation for the disappearance. Sometimes all that is found are the clothes fallen on the ground like they had passed through the person wearing them like they weren't even there. Also people have been located farther away from where they disappeared than could be expected given the time, terrain, age, and physical capabilities. Those that are found alive most often don't speak of what happened for one reason or another. Those that do often tell stories that are hard to believe. Are those stories true? You're about to find out as you disappear.

Will you disappear never to be seen again? Will you reappear somewhere dead? Will you reappear somewhere alive? Will you be able to tell people about your disappearance? The choices you make will determine your fate.

First though we need to know your sex.

Are you a:
Intersexed Person

Note: In this story a hermaphrodite is someone who has the genitals of both sexes and they are fully functional. An intersexed person has some of both sexes genitals.

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