You Are What You Wear

From Create Your Own Story

This is a story where a mysterious package contains the means to transform you to the look of the character you chose to cosplay. You look like them, speak like them, and have their strength or speed. Rules and stuff:

Do your best to make sure your writing has good grammar and spelling.

If you’re adding a character, state their names and what series they come from.

You do not gain the personality of the character (but you can act as the character), and the only memories you gain are any martial arts or skills your character has learned. I rather prefer that they do not gain any supernatural abilities. However, if you want to add them in, go ahead.

All weapons and tools carried are props.

If your character has something like a built-in weapon, it is a prop.

If your character has an artificial limb, it is a functioning piece.

The transformation is permanent.

If someone chose a character you were just about do to, then ask them if you can add to it.

Each character path doesn't necessarily have to be in the same city and be the same person.

I don't really have a restriction on fetishes.

Adhere to the site rules.

Now before we begin, what gender are you?

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