You Are An Orc

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Today is the day! You are an orc who has just hit puberty, and for you that means it's time to claim a mate. Though you are small for an orc, you still stand at roughly six feet tall, have green skin, and a pig-like face with two small tusks sticking up from your lower jaw. You are muscular, but still weak for an orc, and like most orcs, you have a large gut.

In this world, there are three types of orcs; Physically strong, which are the warriors. Mentally strong, which are the smiths, doctors, builders, and cooks. Lastly, sexually strong, which is what you are, an orc whose purpose is to breed and increase the horde's size.

Like all orcs, you are a male, and can breed with just about any ripe female. Elves are the most sought after, since they live as long as orcs, and their bodies stay forever young making them perfect for breeding, but are the hardest to claim. Humans aren't as prized, as they are pretty fragile, and don't live very long, not to mention when they get old they lose their beauty. Animals are a last resort, but are the easiest to claim.

You have three brothers in your family, with you being the youngest. Two of them are physically strong, and one is mentally strong. You are like your father, who managed to claim a beautiful dark skinned elf as a mate. You hope to do just as good, if not better. Your cock is a foot and half long and four inches wide. Larger than average for an orc and the largest of your siblings, but nothing compared to your father.

There are two options open to you for finding a mate: go to the breeding stable, where all the women are used, but eager to have another mate after being abandoned or losing theirs, or you can go out and find the perfect fresh mate for you.

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Health Horny, needing a mate Equipment:


Experience Virgin
HP 100
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