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You wake with a foggy mind and are unable to recall anything. You are laying on the cold surface of a floor, but it is too dark to see anything. You bring your hands up to your body to try to get some warmth, and realize you wearing no clothing. You carefully stand up and a light comes on from some unknown source. You appear to be in some chamber, but are unable to see any door.

As you turn to look for some hint of escape, a large mirror appears on a wall. Staring back at you is a woman with dark hair. Your breasts are medium sized. Continuing to scan down the mirror you find your pubic hair gone. You don't know if it is something you did, or was done to you.

The mirror fades and you again turn around, hoping to find something of use. One one wall you are able to make out some strange writing, but don't recognize the language. As if there is something controlling your actions, you walk to the wall and place your hands on the mysterious words. They light up and a doorway appears. You walk through, knowing it is the only chance of escape.

You step into a large room and see three tunnels in front of you along the back wall. Upon entering the large room you find the cold disappears and the floor is soft to walk on. At least you don't have to worry about freezing to death in the room,or damaging your feet.

There is nothing else in the room except the chamber you just left. The tunnels are lined up one next to the other and appear to be the same size. There are no distinguishing features on any of the tunnel entrances. As far as you can tell, they are identical in every way. You have no option except picking one and hoping it leads you to safety.

Do you take the tunnel on the:

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