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This will be a story with graphics. If you are not an adult, go away. Find your naughty pics away from me and my stuff.

If you want to add your own, read the addition guide so you link the photos, templates, category names, etc, all together properly. Failure to do so will end with be deleting your additions completely, and letting the system admin delete the blanked page.

Warning, since I am a bi-female, this will be either MF or FF, or some combination other than MM. If you are interested in LG, feel free to add your path. I have no objections. I don't mind gay sex, but it is not something I can write about, so I won't add it myself. --Dirty Me 06:52, 18 March 2016 (UTC)

After further thought, I think I will only work on the female branch. Since many images will be sexual, and include either male and female, or female and female, in the picture, the male readers of this should be able to enjoy it just fine. Don't mind random hot guys that I include. --Dirty Me 05:33, 1 April 2016 (UTC)

  • Note 1: I will add more notes here as I feel the need.
  • Note 2: I have chosen the pics. If you do not like the picture, or disagree with it, leave me a message on my page. If the reason is good enough, I am willing to change or replace (Or if you happen to be Playpus or RobKhor).
  • Note 3: No, the pics will not match. They are random internet pics I found that fit the theme of that page.

Do not proceed beyond here if you are under 18!

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