Time Stop

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This story takes place in the near future. You wake up early in the morning reflecting over your life.

Your name is Tim Irving. Today is your birthday. You turned 18 years old today. You are a lonely, but brilliant young man. You are a savant, and your technical skills are preeminent when it comes to the field of time travel technology.

You live at home alone with your cat Garfield, and your beautiful mother Lisa. Garfield is a fat cat that you have had about a decade now. He is probably your best friend... Sad isn't it? As for your mother, she hardly ever has time for you. She was a teen mom, and is 34 years old. Your father is long gone. Apparently he was brilliant like yourself, but he was a pump and dump daddy. Your mother is a waitress, and works long hours to pay the bills. Over the years much of your mom's free time was spent dating various men none of whom has ever treated her well enough.

You have constructed a collar that allows it's wearer to practically stop time for the world around them. Time for the wearer will be at the square root of the speed of light per second in comparison to everyone else. 17,314 seconds for 1 to pass... In other words the one wearing the device has only 1 second pass for every 4.809 hours the world has been in stasis around them!

Eventually you may be able to tinker with your time stop machine, and make it more than just a pause button. However if it does work, then you will have become more brilliant than any other person ever.

The time has come for your first field test. You can either be brave, and test the device on yourself first, or be a coward, and let Garfield be your test animal.

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