Three Sisters: Remastered

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Original Author's Note: Hey everyone its your favorite smut peddling person Tapdancingfish! Glad to be back and after reading through Three sisters I've come to notice many issues through out its story and misplaced, broken links something of which I think I will not stand for! With that in mind I'm going through the story and editing parts, adding more parts and fixing whatever I come across.

Adoptive Editor's Note: Hey everyone, Durzan here. Just letting everyone know that I have been trying to update and maintain this story, but not add all that much to it. I have mostly been editing and revising what Tapdancingfish has already written so that it is more readable, consistent, fits with current site policies (had to increase the age of the MC and his sisters for one), and overall makes for a better reading experience. I have tried to keep the spirit and intentions of the original author in tact, on the off chance that he/she eventually returns. That being said, I still have a long way to go. I also have been working on a reimagining of this story on the side.

It was just another day in your life having to deal with the same bullshit at school,work and whatever else life threw at you. It is late, and you spent all day away from home. Looking up through the trees, the bright ball of fire looms low in the sky, barely being able to be seen through the brown leaves, slowly dying from the cool embrace of winter. Sneezing, you cup the corner of your arm around your face to block any projectile snot from going everywhere.

"...Cold...I need to get inside...But...." Your eyes shift over to the plated white door. Its surface is worn and warped from years of the elements battering against it. Through the wood and glass you can hear the blasting of rock music and the high pitched screams coming from the kitchen. No doubt your sisters are at it again. If your life wasn't bad enough by having to deal with idiots all day long, you have to come home to a house full of women which drives you up the wall.

The shouts of overwhelming joy are courtesy of Bayley, your youngest sister who’s always overly excited about everything, and feels the need to show it by yelling. She acts like she isn't much older than an a kid in elementary school, despite the fact that she only recently entered the 12th grade. Her hair is unusually bright for someone who spends so much time outside as she does, and its orange glow seems to light up a dark room. Freckles line her tan face, and her short stature looks very cute to the glancing eye.

Then there is 19-year-old Rose, who has never grown out of those years were everything is something she can rebel over. Since entering high school a few years back, she picked up some bad influences have taken a hold of her and now it is apparent in the way she dresses and acts. Short cut off clothes which end slightly shorter than they should, showing off her developing new body. Though you have never taken more than a glance, you noticed that her small breasts are overwhelmed by the ass she squeezes into her short shorts. So short, in fact, that her butt pops out from the bottom. Her long dyed black hair always covers half of her face, hiding one of her bright blue eyes.

And last, but not least, is 19-Year-Old Nicole, the oldest of the three and Rose's fraternal twin, who’s just two years younger than you. Pretty and popular, she is a woman that every guy wants to get in bed with. Even with her looks, she keeps it mostly to herself. She traps herself in her room for most of the day, making it hard to know if she is even around half the time. Out of all you sisters, you find Nicole to be the one that you have bonded with the best. The small difference in age makes it easier to relate to her. Though her hair used to be down to her well toned ass, she cut it just short of her shoulders recently in a cute cut which really brings out her dark green eyes. She rocks some D-cups that make you want to cop-a-feel when she is sleeping, but you never built up the courage to do so.

You manage to handle them one at a time, but all three of them together is enough to drive you up the wall. As of late, though, something seems to have taken over you, a certain type of lust about them. Maybe it is the fact that you have been single for three years, or something has changed in the air, but you have noticed that all three of them make you want to jump and hump them any and every chance you get. Your will power keeps you at bay, though, making you resort to shameful masturbation fests with their clothes.

With your eyes cast at the ground, you shiver slightly from the coldness, not even noticing the sounds of approaching footsteps.

"Hey man, how’s it going?" Your friend’s voice shakes you from your thoughts. You look up at Scott.

"Oh, hey man..."

"Oh, whatever. You know, just your best buddy here."

"Sorry man, long day..." You sigh, "...And I have to go home to this." You point over your shoulder at the booming music from the house.

"Ouch man, you look tired as shit...Have you been getting any sleep?"

"Eh, not as much as I’d like...And, yet again, I have to address to this..." You point over your shoulder once more at the house.

"All right...Well...” Scott says as he searches his pockets. He pulls out a small white bottle and hands it to you. “Here, I'm not supposed to share these but a bro gotta help a bro, right?"

"What the hell is that?" You ask you scan the bottle.

"High grade sleeping pills, man. This stuff will knock you the fuck out for at least eight hours. I take them ‘cuz I can't sleep with my dad snoring in the next room."

"Thanks man." You pocket the bottle.

"But what about you? Don't you need them?"

"Nah, they gave me two by mistake so...Lucky day for you!” He says. “You owe me one alright?" He chuckles, his blonde hair swaying on his face.

"Right, you can’t do something just for the sake of being nice, uh?" You laugh and give him a high five.

"Of course...Well, hey man, I gotta get going. Dinner's probably done by now. You should get inside before your sisters tear down the house. I think I saw your parents leave earlier with a few suitcases."

Oh, yeah...You almost forgot...Your parents are leaving for the weekend for a mini-vacation, leaving you to watch over the house and your sisters.

"Fuck...." You sigh and place your head between your knees, cursing your existence.

"Hey, no sweat man, you'll manage." Scott laughs as he jogs across the street and up to his house, leaving you alone with the sound of your sisters coming from the house.

Suck it up and go inside the house.

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