The bet

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“My name is Michael and I'm a senior in high school when I was a freshman, I joined the football team and through the years we've had many victories and defeats. More victories, then defeats and when I became a senior our football team went to state I have many friends and had a lot of girlfriends and had a lot of sex. Everybody asks what my secret is because I'm not the captain of the football team so they always ask, so my secret is quite easy my family owns a cabin is the perfect distance. Not too far but not too close to the city it's one of those things if you don't know where it is you could get lost for a few hours trying to find. It so I take a lot of girls there and boy did they put out they love that place really nice cabin by a lake good times now but all that changed. When I found Meg now” before we continue with the story a little introduction to who I am and what I plan to do

a little info

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