The Zoo

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up from a dazed sleep, feeling slightly hung-over. Must have been a hell of a party last night...except, you don't remember going to a party. Your body feels much different than what you're used to, and your surroundings are completely unfamiliar. The ground is hard and gravely against your skin, which makes you realize that you aren't wearing any clothes. Your vision is still blurred from being out of use for so long and all you can see are blobs of colors that you can only assume to be other people. You can smell plants and dirt, like you're outside, and you can hear water splashing somewhere nearby. As your vision clears you realize that the other people around you are not humans, but instead bizarre creatures. They appear to be animals with humanoid forms, walking on two legs. None of them are wearing clothes either and all of them appear to be male.

You quickly look down at your hand and your body and find:

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