The Tease

From Create Your Own Story

Ever since she was a teenager, Patricia had been aware of how much effect she could have on a guy. Nature had endowed her with a particularly sexy body. She could have posed for a model in the centerfold of one of the men’s magazines. This had the boys running after her. Patricia enjoyed seeing the way their crotch would start bulging from arousal when they looked at her. She loved building up their desires to the limit, almost never letting them fuck. Now she was 23 and she had become a fully expert cock-teaser. It made her incredibly horny to lead a guy to the brink of sexual anticipation with her wanton advances, and leave him wild with desire, his hard-on throbbing through his jeans. She couldn’t wait to find a quiet place and finger herself. It gave her the most fulfilling orgasm she could dream of.

The Tease - At Work

The Tease - On The Bus

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