The Tale of Karibu Kanru

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The Beginning

This story can be decided by you the reader, My stories will include an epic tail that does sometimes follow the original story line of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto; any correlation with this story and the true story will be either coincidental or unavoidable such as the Chunin exam. There will be lemons depending on which way you go with the story, any and hopefully all fantasies, and fetishes that you guys like will be in this story it is entirely up to you. If the story that I post isn't up to snuff then tell me please I'll try to make sure that this story doesn't end on any bad notes, I have had a Beta reader take whatever path they wanted so that is what will be available, I wish to write all of the paths but I would like you; the reader, to pick which path you want me to work on by messaging me by sending me a Private Message on FanFiction: Rain-Kuhn, or go to my discussions page, and without further a due, I hope you enjoy...

Do you:

Chapter: 2.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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