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You are Jeff Steele, a 19-year-old aspiring entertainment journalist and paid blogger. You have recently left home and secured your own apartment with the help of your roommate and longtime crush, Ashley, who in the time you'd known her had changed drastically. Back in freshman year she'd been a lithe, preppy popular girl who you only tolerated because she was in so many classes with you. But since then she's become a nerdy, rubenesque Twitch streamer with tens of thousands of followers! As you glance over at her, curled up at the other end of the couch, you take in her playfully messy blonde updo, solid black-rim glasses, and generous, hoodie and sweatpants-clad form before losing yourself to memories of her transformation...

She didn't talk to you for the first time until a few months after she'd started appearing in your classes. You remember that, at that time, she'd always come off as stuck-up and aloof. She had a gaggle of friends who ignored you just as hard as she did, and though you thought that she was intensely, heartbreakingly pretty and far superior to all her friends in every way, you still wanted nothing to do with her. You were pretty good-looking and well-liked within some circles, but your geeky habits and aspirations were well-known. You just didn't have the bullshit high school social currency to make a good first impression without some kind of opening, and even if you had it, you likely shared exactly none of the same interests... Or so you thought.

It all started with your mutual hatred of exercise. Since the start of the year you had been exempt from all serious physical activity in gym class, thanks to a diagnosis of exercise-induced asthma. You still participated in anything you deemed fun, but would slink away to play your DS at the sidelines, (much to your friends' and gym teacher's chagrin) whenever pointless running was involved. Ashley looked fit and fairly athletic-looking back then, but she only put up with the running-heavy part of the curriculum for one gym period. At gym class the next day, you looked up from your DS to see her trotting triumphantly toward you, away from your clearly disapproving gym teacher.

"What are you doing?" you asked her as she approached and lowered herself on to the bleacher seat beside you, but a few feet away.

"What you're doing. I don't want to run anymore... It's boring." she huffed.

"True." I replied, "But how'd you get out of it? I have asthma."

You'll always remember how her face looked then, when she turned to meet your eyes. Her pink-glossed lips bore a small but mischievous smile, and in that moment you saw a genuineness in her eyes that you had never seen before.

"I complained a lot."

You laughed. "Oh."

She looked cutely self-satisfied as she brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes - she always wore it down back then. But her expression suddenly changed when she saw what was taking place on my DS screen.

"Are those... Pokemon?"

I inwardly praised my choice of game.

"Uhh, yeah." I answered, showing her the Paras on the screen more closely, "It's Pokemon FireRed."

"Oh, there's a game about it?" she asked adorably, prompting an amused nod from me. "I watched the show when I was little. What's it... Uhm... Like?"

She brushed her hair out of her eyes once again, anxiously this time. She seemed embarrassed to be asking about it, but desperately curious to learn more.

As you remember all this, it occurs to you that she was always shy and reserved around you from that point on.

Throughout the rest of high school, Ashley drifted further away from her old friends as you tried to help her reinvent herself. She came over to your parents' place almost every night to be introduced to new video games, tabletop games, and manifestations of good sci-fi - and the more she reacted to all of it with delight, the more you realized that she had been suppressing her true self before she met you.

She began to discover herself on her own from there, developing a staunch love for all things Nintendo, becoming obsessed with anime, and gaining a permanent position in your friends' D&D group. She became less obsessed with maintaining a trim physical form, indulging in many of the same garbagey snacks you did back then - but lacking the same metabolism, it had a strong impact on her figure. She started to noticeably gain weight at the same time as her body was deciding to blossom, with extraordinary results.

By senior year, Ashley had achieved a mouthwateringly curvaceous form, with devastatingly broad hips, a plump ass, and F-cup tits to match. Clearly not knowing quite how to market her new attributes, she started wearing hoodies and wearing her hair up. It was around this time that she got glasses and started streaming herself playing Nintendo games as well, and through it all you two remained close. When you asked her if she wanted to room with you at the end of the year, she enthusiastically agreed, and the rest is history. You mainly did it because you're friends and she makes more than you with her Twitch and patreon donations combined, though you never had the heart to tell her that likely the only reason she had so many followers was the constant jiggle of her plush, doughy ti-

"Jeff?" she asks, looking slightly concerned as she notices you staring. Your eyes move to her face... Which mean they definitely weren't there to begin with.


"Oh - nothing. You just looked like you were daydreaming."

Her face is every bit as beautiful as it had been on the day you met her. She's gained a little more weight since high school, but not a bit of it has migrated above the neckline. She still does her makeup every day, mascara and all - she still did even when she didn't have subscribers to please. Her fingers and toenails are still never without sparkly pink nailpolish, and her thick, luscious lips are never without some shade of lipstick. Today it's sparkly and pink, just like her nails, and those sparkly pink lips are just starting to form a smile of amusement when you finally respond.

"Just reminiscing." you say with a smile, which she returns before turning her attention back to your current episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

You take one more opportunity to take her in as she is now. Her legs are pulled close to her chest, hiding her immense G-cup tits and plush belly as if they weren't already buried in her hoodie. Her sweatpants are stretched taut over her thick thighs, hips, and deliciously fat ass, the fabric already showing signs of wear from containing her knockout body. Her feet are bare, toes wiggling as she watches Picard yell at Wesley and causing her toenails to glitter beguilingly. You're rock-hard within seconds of giving her a once-over, as always. How the fuck did you land yourself such a perfect combination of plush, approachable nerdy girl and gorgeous, cosmetics-obsessed teenage slut?

And how have you not hit that yet?

These questions finally motivate you, Jeff Steeles, to ACTION. One way or another, this fuckable female streamer will be yours!

What do you do?

Talk to her

Take out your phone and browse your old pics of her

Start peeling off her clothes

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