The Secrets Trapped in the Golden Eye

From Create Your Own Story

Carter Windsdall is a 23-year-old university student at UCLA, and he has a weird anomaly that has been with him since birth; He has a golden eye. That's right, a singular golden eye that has radiated him to every future position he'd hope to achieve. But on this day, his 23rd birthday, he notices that his eye has blessed him with immense power. The full possibilities are yet to be discovered, but something he does want to do is get rid of his goddamn V-card.

...And this new power he got from his eye might make his wildest, kinkiest, and best dreams come true.

All of the secrets trapped in his golden eye.

C'mon now, it's time to Wake Up.

...Or maybe you'd like another person who controls the power of the golden eye. Well here. Enjoy.

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