The Lussuria Kingdom

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May 13

The Lussuria Kingdom. On a quick glance, this kingdom looks similar to any other country. It has a hospitals, towns, coffee shops, a restaurant and various shops. But something about our country is different. True, the word “kingdom” is a rare word to describe a city in the modern day. But yes, as the word implies, our city has a king, queen, a princess and a prince. But no, that is not what I was referring to. No. The one thing that is peculiar about our kingdom, is that is our currency is sex. We have no money, but instead things are focused around the three letter word, sex. When you want to buy something, it can be exchanged in small gestures such as a quick blowjob or perhaps a suck on a girl’s breasts. Our city centralizes on the sexual pleasures. We still have our laws. For instance, citizens must consent to sexual practises an no children are to live in our kingdom until a certain age.

However, the citizens of the Lussuria Kingdom have mutated genes that differs from the rest of the world. A higher sex drive. A resistance to sexually transmitted diseases. That’s to name a few. But there are rumours of a new breed of humans who have magical powers, known as witches and warlocks. It is unclear how their powers work, but many believe that these creatures exist. What do I think? Well, if I’m honest, it’s a load of nonsense! Here’s the terrible part.

I’m, what they call, an Ugly. Someone who was born with a lack of attractive qualities. Sure, I have a few, more than the normal ugly. But I was born to a family of Uglies, so thus making me an ugly. Hardly anyone wants to have sex with me, or even touch me. So, our unattractive qualities makes us poor—or to put it blunt, homeless. I live in a small crowded caravan with my mother. Every day is a struggle as we try to put food on the table. My mum and I earn little money by (sexually) busking on the street. But I’m not sure what to do…

Tomorrow, Princess Imogen, the heir to the throne of Lussuria will visit our city, Schonedon, and has declared that she will pick one person from our town and reward them the pleasure of living with her. Whoever she picks would have the luxury of staying in her royal place, and even having sex with the princess herself.

I doubt she would ever visit a teeny tiny caravan on the edge of the Schonedon.

I doubt it.

I doubt it.

My name is Nilo Jones and this is my story…


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