The Long Road to Graduation

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Your name is Aaron. You just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. You have an athletic-lean build sporting a six pack and having nice toned arms. You used to be a varsity wrestler and played football however season ended for those months ago. You stand at 5'9 and weigh in around 145 lbs. You stand at just the average height of humanity. You have never been the tallest guy or the shortest guy, but you are content with your height, knowing you make up for it in other places.

You just broke up with the "love of your life" a couple of months ago. It was hard at first, but you eventually got over it. You have that classic clean cut look that never goes out of style, medium length brown hair combed to the side, no tatoos or piercings, hazel eyes and naturally tanned skin. You dress nice enough to not look like a total dork dork, however you arent a total "hype beast". You still sometimes wear Superhero T-shirts and of TV shows you love having loved comics and the entertainment industry since you were little.Most Girls appreciate a guy who looks good but doesnt try too hard and like your somewhat occasional superhero/geek shirt.

You don't mean to brag but you are pretty "smooth with the ladies". The last couple of months you have been single, you've gotten in bed with 11 different girls (One of them was a threesome). Your cock is around 8 inches and the girls love it.

You live in California and have lived in the same place your whole life. The beach is literally 15 minutes away from your house and school. You sometimes spend your days just walking on the beach, contemplating about the inner meanings of life like in the music videos.

The high school you go to is literally the most ethnically diverse school you know. With 1/3 of it being white, another 1/3 being asian and the other 1/3 spaniard. They're even little sub groups of Middle Eastern people and Africans. There is no de facto segregation either, people of different colors tend to hang out with one another, not on purpose but because everyone at your high school is so friendly. Sure theyre jerks at the high school but theyre jerks everywhere. This high school is your home and you love the cozyness and friendliness of everyone.

Your sole objective ever since breaking up with your girlfriend was to have sex with as much girls as possible before graduation.

You wake up in your bed on a Wednesday morning:

You Check your Phone to See What Time it is

--TurtleMatt 17:36, 23 December 2013 (UTC)

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