The Life of a Fantasy Princess

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You are a princess, raised behind the walls of the castle you call home. Your father is the king of the country called Arun, a great country with a long history and rich culture. Though it often faces great challenges from its long-time enemy - the country of Graias which neighbors it to the north - It has grown rich and prosperous. Foreign merchants from all across the world can be found in the port of its capital city of Runite and even the poorest have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.

Even so, with a great country come many challenges. There are numerous powerful nobles in Arun, not always as loyal as they would have one believe. Political strife and corruption run deep. Especially the coming of an aggressive new religion that has quickly spread trough numerous neighboring countries has caused a lot of tensions lately.

But I digress, such concerns are what your father deals with, for Arun in all its civility is still a society dominated by men. Your poor father, however, only has the one daughter and no male heirs. Therefore you have always known that, one day, you would have to leave behind everything you know to become the bride of a powerful noble or foreign prince of your father's choice so as to secure the kingdom's next ruler. But when the day finally came, you were still far from prepared. With your heart trembling in your chest, you prepare yourself for departure in the carriage waiting outside to take you to your unknown spouse. You walk over to the giant mirror in your room.

Staring back at you is:

Arturia : A tall, golden-haired beauty with clear blue eyes and her head held high, showing none of the nervousness you feel inside.

Saya : An exotic-looking, raven-haired beauty, deep blue eyes showing an amused sparkle.

Mia : A slender, cute girl with wavy light-brown hair, a shy look in her cute round deer-eyes.

Amelia : A breathtakingly beautiful girl with wavy gold hair and innocent-looking blue eyes. You are irresistible for any man and you know it.

Health 1000 Equipment:


Stamina 1000
Mood none Inventory:


Wealth N/A
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