The Life of Cassie

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Cassie. You're a 14 years old teenage High School student. You're a petite average girl but you're so beautiful and gorgeous. You have ocean blue eyes and dirty blonde long hair. You have perky nipples and CC cup breasts. Most of the guys in your school likes you and admires your body. You're a virgin but you've gived your ex-boyfriend a blowjob 1-2 times, so you're not a slut type of girl but you get horny sometimes.

Your Family: Jason: Jason is your 14 years old twin brother. He has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair like you. He is funny and attractive but sometimes he can be so annoying for you. Laura: Laura is your 35 years old mother. She has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She works all the time with your father at their Electronics company so you rarely see them. Eric: Eric is your 37 years old father. He has got emerald green eyes and blonde hair. As I said, he works with your mother at their company all the time so you can't see him often.

Let's get to the story, shall we?

So, it's Sunday morning and you're sitting on your bed. You're so bored and everybody is sleeping except you. You decide to:

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