The Law Can Be Ludicrous

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Cassie was a normal, 22-year-old girl. Average in looks, polite but not timid, driven but not obsessed, she had the makings of a decent person that everyone liked one way or another. She had graduated from high school years ago with good enough grades to get into college. She had attended a two year school (which ended up taking three) and was ready to move onto something else.

Her problems start then...

For a series of complex and frankly ridiculous legal reasons. Her life becomes full of embarrassing and humiliating situations that run up against the optimistic blonde young woman's dream of how life would play out.

Here's how the structure of the story will work. To start, there will be a "Primary Legal Restriction" which establishes what the main restriction Cassie will have. In effect, it will establish the type of sexual content for that thread. Readers are more than welcome to add their own chapters, but I will be making sure they fit the context of the story. The second layer is about determining what the specifics are for the chosen legal restriction. For example, the first option is about clothing, so the options in that chapter are about determining what clothes she is limited to wearing (so defining in specifics is good to do immediately so future chapters can easily follow the framework.) The third layer will simply be a "day in the life" of Cassie having to deal with these rules. It could be in college, working, vacation, at home, etc.


Primary Legal Restriction : Clothing

Primary Legal Restriction : Bathroom

Primary Legal Restriction : Sex Toys Outside of Home

Primary Legal Restriction : Regular Examinations

Primary Legal Restriction: Arousing Medication

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