The King's Mage

From Create Your Own Story

You are the Royal Magician. Tall and a little skinny but still considered very handsome. Many girls from across the kingdom have tried to go out with you but all have failed for one simple reason. You like other men. Of course despite your status (or maybe because of your status as noble men prefer to continue thier blood line.) You have met vary few decent men willing to date you.

You are at the point where you have given up on the traditional way of dateing and have turned to magic to get your way. Some time ago when the queen was caught fucking with one of the castle guards the king had requested that you make him a love potion to reclaim his wife's affections. It worked but what the king didn't know is that you had continued experimenting with it even after the queen had "returned to normal." Now you are up in your lab slaving away on the perfected potion. Except this one won't just change one's feeling for another. This potion once consumed will put a person into a dream like state. And reprogram thier personality to better fit the person they fall in love with.

It may be unethical but at this point you're just that desperate for affection. You smile at the brew as it slowly changes from dark blue to an almost clear color like water. You take a vile off one of the shelves in your lab and scoop up some of the potion. Now you are ready you just need to find a target. At first you think to head to the throne room and use it on the king but things might get complicated if someone catches you trying to hypnotize the king. You could also go to the knights' barracks. Wouldn't be too bad to have a strapping knight as a boyfriend. You could also look for someone outside the castle as well.

So what do you do?

Go to the throne room

Go to the knight barracks

Leave the castle

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