The Internship

From Create Your Own Story

You are 19 and just finished your first year of college. Instead of spending your summer in a meaningless minimum wage job, you apply and secure yourself an internship. You have been at this position for nearly two months. With a bit of experience under your belt you find that the employees around you trust you with more tasks, respect you more, but still try to pawn of menial tasks on you.

You try to make the most of the rest of your time working as:

Oliver, a naive boy from the suburbs with a position at a prestigious newspaper in Chicago

Grace, an ambitious young woman with a post at a high-end fashion magazine in New York

Lewis, an idealistic brown-noser, serving as an intern in for your congressman in Washington D.C.

Mycha, halfway done with culinary school you got an unglamorous apprenticeship at a very glamorous Michelin Star restaurant in Los Angeles

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