The House on Horny Hill

From Create Your Own Story

Four strangers have found themselves in an abandoned mansion rumored to be haunted. They all came there for different reasons, but now they're in this together. After trying the door, they realize they're mysteriously locked in.

The four are:

Steve Napier: A 19 year old, sophomore computer science major at the nearby university. He's a little on the skinny side with shaggy brown hair.

A.J. "The Bull" Showder: A 25 year old construction worker, he was a local high school football star. He's 6'3" and, although not as fit as he once was, has not run to fat either.

April Scott: A 17 year old high-schooler. She reads a lot of old books and is heavily involved in drama club. She's a tiny thing with red hair and freckles.

Jennifer Dylan: A 31 year old mother of two, she runs a small café and has studied a lot of local history in her spare time. She's dark-haired, 5'7" and curvy in all the right places.

Are you:

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