The Horny Games

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This story is that of your time in the Horny Games. It's the exact same world as Panem from the Hunger Games, but centered around sex. The Horny Games are held once a year. One boy and girl are chosen from each District to go to the Capitol to compete in an arena in the Horny Games. They tried using children, but child pornography is illegal so they had to change the age group to 18-40. There is no killing in the Games, but lots of sex. The rules are simple:

1. Before going into the arena all contestants are rated, the higher rating gets the better starting equipment.

2. To win you must fuck all other contestants or the most.

    a. Fucking is not just sex. You achieve a fuck if your partner has to stop or passes out.

3. If you are fucked 3 times, you're out.

4. Anything goes

Anyway, before your story begins you must choose a sex, right now you're just sex-less.

So, are you...

District 13 Male

District 13 Female

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