The Home Country

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Not Houston - no bustling cityscape, no modern luxuries like, y'know, music and distractions.

Not Dallas - people up there make in a day what the collective of our town earns on the yearly.

But Texas. The Texas that people who aren't from Texas think about whenever they hear Texas.

The yee-haw, giddy-up, gunslangin', cattle raisin' home of the Whataburger.

Our town's got somewhere between six or seven hundred people and even though you might thank so, none of us ride our horses to school in the mornin. We have trucks and cars down here too. Not the nice prissy cars you'll see in the city, but just whatever's good for handlin gravel.

My name's Abigail Wheatley, I go to J. Reb Middle School bout five days a week. It's not really a middle school though cus its two big buildings that got the elementary school and the high school all put together.

We don't talk much about ages because Pa says I shouldn't trust no strangers, but I spend most of my days in the middle school building. My little brother Toby goes to the elemetary part. And my sister Darlene don't go to school no more because she already graduated.

Who'd you wanna learn more about?

Abigail Wheatley

Toby Wheatley

Darlene Wheatley

Mama (Jessica) Wheatley

Pa (Rob) Wheatley

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