The Harem

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In a distant province of Arabia, princes and noblemen usually keep a small harem to raise their children and keep themselves amused. As a retainer, your job is to protect the external premises from any who would want to violate your lord's women. Since you don't deal with the women directly, you've been permitted to keep your wedding tackle - those unfortunate men tasked with the care and feeding of the harem girls and their children are eunuchs.

But over the months of your dull and dreary job, you've occasionally had a glimpse or two of the girls, especially when they are being transferred to the palace for the Prince's pleasure. Without a girl of your own, you haven't been able to resist fantasizing about partaking in your master's possessions. Of late, fantasizing has given way to deliberate planning, and you now believe you're ready to risk your life for a piece of that action.

You've researched several alibis by which you can get access to the girls in private: you have the know-how to pose as a doctor, a masseuse, or a tailor. You've worked up a disguise that makes you convincingly obese and effemete like the other eunuchs.

Early in the morning, you don your disguise and easily slip past your fellow guards into the harem. Posing as the doctor, you speak with one of the attending eunuchs and get the low-down on all the girls. Of the five, two of them happen to be menstruating at this time, so that leaves three. You figure you could probably hit all three, but you might want to try the easiest score first to hone your skills.

Iona: A Hellenic slave girl who has already had four children. In her early thirties, she isn't the sexiest girl out there. She has maintained her Greek beauty in her regal facial features and long, curly black heair. Her breasts are large but a bit saggy, and she's put on a few pounds. She doesn't look like the sharpest tool in the shed, either.

Salma: A twenty-something Persian girl of noble lineage. She has had one child already, but you wouldn't know by looking at her. She is fit and firm, with a nice ass and small but perky tits. She also has a manipulative look on her face and a twinkle in her eye that may spell trouble.

Adara: A young Arab beauty, probably seventeen or eighteen. Probably a virgin, too. Your prince likes his women full-figured and well-developed, and isn't of the habit of indulging in pubescent girls like some of his colleagues. Adara is slender and georgeous, with feminine hips and shapely, medium-sized breasts. You can bet that the eunuchs will be watching her the closest.

So, which one will it be?

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