The Ghost of the Mansion

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The idea is simple. You are a ghost that happens to be haunting a sizable mansion which is in the middle of nowhere. The problem? You are stuck to this house because you lack the power to leave the mansion because you have been cursed to a particular mirror. You have been stuck in the mansion for decades and have scared anyone off that has tried entering the house. However, today is the first time that you have decided not just to scare the people away from the house but instead mess around with them. It has been a while since you've had some sex after all. Will you embarrass the intruders? Punish them? Have sex with them?

1st or 3rd Person is Acceptable From Either the Victims or the Ghost

The ghost has the following powers.

1.) Fully control objects that are the size of a brick or smaller and likewise with weight.

2.) Push objects with the strength slightly greater than an average human.

3.) Move Through Solid Objects.

4.) Change Temperature Between 15 to 90 Degrees (Fahrenheit).

5.) Interact with the Interior Parts of an Object or a Person (But Can't Kill Them - At Max only Render Them Unconscious)

6.) Make Noises From a Whisper to a Slightly Louder Than a Human Scream

7.) Render Itself Nearly Invisible (Looks Like a Faint Shadow) or Show Itself in Full-Form In Any Glass

The ghost cannot do the following.

1.) It Doesn't KILL (But it is willing to hurt humans)

2.) It cannot take control of any humans directly - it can only manipulate them

3.) Leave the Mansion without the mirror being taken away from it - the ghost needs to stay near the mirror

Updates :

1.) When the ghost begins harassing his victims, the choices should be shaped around three different options - the "light-hearted" option where the ghost mainly trolls the victims, or only does something non-threatening; the "serious" option where the ghost doesn't mess around and acts purely out of his own desires, caring less if he is caught; and lastly the "sadistic or very serious" option where the ghost straight out harms or tortures his victims - nothing like dismemberment or breaking anything, but he isn't afraid to draw blood.

2.) New chapter rating system implemented. Chapters containing actually actions the ghosts takes against his victims. I have edited the current chapters at the time of this posting to using the same system. This is how it looks (Chapter Name) - (Rating)

The ratings stand as follows.

Light - The ghost only does something that is the least noticeable or the least harmful to his victim. Ranging from making them feel cold to tickling them/stripping them "accidentally."

Normal - The ghost performs an action, less afraid to be noticed and more based around his selfish and promiscuous desires rather than the feelings of his victims. Ranging from stripping them more forcefully to outright having sex with them.

Hardcore - The ghost has no remorse for his actions and is not afraid to draw blood or cause physical harm. However he will never cause permanent damage such as breaking bones, ripping off body parts, or bleeding them out. Splinters, piercings (taking them out or making new ones is okay), cutting them, and things along these lines are more along this path. Under this section is included the ability to partially manipulate a person's body (aka such as messing with their horniness, their excretory system, their allergies, etc. This would be ranging from having very rough sex with his victims to cutting them/giving them new piercings/taking piercings out/burning them (lightly, nothing higher than 2nd degree burn.)

Again this system is only for chapters where the ghost actually goes something to his victims and should be put at the ends of chapter options and in the chapter status bar where marked (note if you see this message I have not implemented the rating in the chapter info boxes yet.)

The Ghost of the Mansion : Storyboard

Be Creative and Have Fun!!!

Who are the intruders to the house?

Intruders: Group of Stuck-Up Sorority Girls Being Hazed Description - The ghost has about eight sorority girls to play with, luring them down into his basement of horrors little by little.

Intruders: Couple Looking For a Place to Fuck Description - The ghost gets to humiliate the large-breasted Maisy, in some paths in front of her boyfriend Mark.

Intruders: A Punk Girl With Body Piercings Description - A punk girl with more than a few body piercings breaks into a mansion, unfortunately spelling out a bad night in the hands of the ghost.

Intruders: A Normal Girl Who Is Secretly a Robber Description - A normal girl leading a double life targets the ghost's mansion as her next target, a big mistake.

Intruders: A Paranormal Team Description - A team of three women and two men investigate the mansion, June probably gets the worst, but the ghost does harass Sami and Melissa enough that none of them really want to return.

Intruders: Two Professional Photographers and Four Female Models On a Shoot Description - A photoshoot based around hot women in old manors leads a group of hot models and the female photographer into an embarrassing erotic adventure, fortunately caught in pictures by a lucky cameraman.

Expanded Ghost Adventure

Accompany the Paranormal Team Back to Their Base in the City Description - The Paranormal Team returns exhausted but with a lot of evidence of the paranormal, their mistake is to take the ghost's mirror to their base camp, leading to more "evidence" for and in the ladies of the group.

Official List of Thank You's

User:SergeantC and User:Ewong for their creative and multiple additions to numerous great stories.

User:Platypus for their excellent moderating and careful keeping of the peace in grammar.

And although not a writer (as far as I know), but NearFatal for his game Ghost House which was the inspiration for this story.

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