The Final Days of Highschool

From Create Your Own Story


You awaken in your bedroom. It is decorated as what most would see as a classic male teenager's room. As you slowly begin to open your eyes and look around, you are able to see your TV on it's stand, it is still on showing the home menu of your console system. You must have forgotten to shut it off last night before you passed out. The faint lights glowing from the console are faintly visible. Your room only has a single large window right behind the TV. You have it mostly covered with curtains, but a faint crack is seeping light through. Due to your groggy state, you only now realize the beeping coming for your nearby nightstand. Your alarm has gone off. You realize you woke up to your first alarm for once. our usually always awakened by a sibling or your mother. You reach across and silence the beeping. While your reaching for the alarm, you take the time to turn on the light that is also on your nightstand. You lay back into your bed. Looking up at the ceiling, you begin to think on what to do now. There are some thoughts that quickly pop up.

Do you:

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