The Elder Scrolls: Retold

From Create Your Own Story

The lands of Tamriel are filled with danger and adventure! While monsters and beasts roam the surface, undead stalk ancient tombs and a betrayed race, exiled to the underground citadels of their former masters, plot against those that dwell in the sunlight…

It is a land of magic and of heroes, as champions step forward to face foes that threaten the very existence of Tamriel. Whether it is the dark desire of one of the Daedric Princes to consume the world, or an insane plot by an ambitious vampire to cover the world in darkness, each era is defined by the actions of those brave individuals who fight to save the land and fulfil their destiny…

The Elder Scrolls contain the prophecies of the world, hinting to its readers Tamriel’s past, present and possible future. Yet all of these things may be rewritten, prophecies changed, futures altered. Even the past is not certain; events once well recorded become lost to legend, legend then becoming myth, until the true events of ancient times becomes obscured to all… Those with the power to alter the world can change not only their present, but the future of every being in Tamriel!

A champion has been foretold, to step forward to face the next great threat to Tamriel, and yet this time, dark forces intervene to change their destiny. A conspiracy to change the fate of Tamriel has been unleashed, as the powers of the Daedra seek to defeat the heroes sent to oppose them.

The Elder Scrolls are rewritten, as minds are altered, events changed, legends retold. The very spirit of the champion, blessed by the Aedra and Daedra both, is corrupted. This corruption, created by the Daedra, was sent to ensure that the ‘heroes’ that oppose them would fail, their strength and will drained in the face of their destiny. It is only through the limited power of the Aedra, that the corruption was not absolute; Instead, the champions of Tamriel will have the potential to overcome their corruption and achieve their fate, only with far more difficultly, as the temptation to fall will be omnipresent.

As stories are retold, of those that fell in the face of their destiny and those that achieved their potential, these heroes step forward once again, challenged by the darkness of the world to defend their world and claim their destiny!

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