The Birth of a King

From Create Your Own Story

"Wake up my child." You hear raspy voice say. You open your eyes but only to see nothing.

"Where am I? Who am I? What's going on?" You manage to say, nervous but somehow calm. As you wait a response you try to identify the voice calling you.

But to no avail. Then after about a minute of waiting you here the voice call out again.

"You are in the void, You're lucky I was able to get ahold of you before God found you." You hear him take a breath before continuing.

"After what you pulled off back on Earth He's not to happy. He was gonna smite you to the lowest level of hell. Anyways we don't have much time."

The void? What I pulled of on Earth? those thoughts kept flowing through your head. After processing what the voice said you managed to get out.

"What did I do? Why am I here?" You're more worried and curious that nervous. You're currently hoping for some answers but you doubt he'll give you any.

After what seemed like a few minutes gone by the voice says, "You failed last time due to God interfering with my plans. However this won't be the case again"

You assumed he took a pause since he didn't say anything for a while, then after 10 minutes he said in a serious tone.

"I have big plans for you. You're a talented man and you have my blessing. Go finish what your started. I'll be watching"

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