That's Just Life

From Create Your Own Story

You are Daniel Hill, a 19 year old teenager. You are 6" tall, with a slim but somewhat muscular build, and brown hair.

You wake up and rub your eyes, trying to help your eyes adjust to the morning light. You look at your alarm clock. Shit! Its 12 PM! You realize you accidentally slept through your alarm. You sit up straight and lean your back against your bed's headboard, yawning. You stretch your arms out to relieve some of their stiffness. You look down at your briefs and notice that you have a bad case of morning wood. Your dick is about 7" long with a little above average girth. Your briefs are slightly stained due to the precum leaking out of your tip. You're really hard, but you have things you need to do today, and you're already late. Do you...

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