From Create Your Own Story

You're waiting at the corner for your twin sister Chimaera when you suddenly remember that she was staying after school today for a meeting and set off by yourself, it was really a beautiful day. The sun shining down on the grass let off an amazing shade of green and the heat of the afternoon warmed your back, it was always dreadfully chilling in school. Some younger kids run past you on their way home and you find that you are alone on the sidewalk, you smell the entrancingly wonderful spring air but then something strange happens. A white van comes speeding down the street, several men jump out and grab you. You struggle in vain, they are much larger and quickly over-power you. They throw you into the back of the van. You ask them why they kidnapped you but you already know. It's because of you and your sister's special abilities. The men offer you a water bottle. There appears to be no poison in it and you are Extremely thirsty.

Do you:

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