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(Very much a WIP at the moment.)

In Temptation, you will be playing a demon who carries out some special orders on behalf of The Fiery One down in Pandemonium. More specifically, it is your job to make sure certain persons pledged to The Other Side fall from righteousness into one of the nine circles of Your Side. The circle you happen to specialize in is the Second Circle (Lust). You also take a special pride in being a tempter of the Inner Ring of the Seventh Circle (Sodomy*) when it tickles your fancy.

If anything about this premise offends you, it would be best to turn back now. Otherwise . . .

Note: *The Circles of Hell here referenced are based on those presented in Dante's Inferno. Also note that the inner ring of the seventh circle is for the violent against God and nature, where Dante places blasphemers, sodomites, and usurers.

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