Tales of Illnora

From Create Your Own Story

Introduction: Illnora, a world of beauty, a world of patterns. Since her creation by the Gods countless eons ago, Illnora has witnessed many stories unfold across her surface, and will witness many more long after our stories end.

No two stories she read were exactly the same. Some were long, while others are short. Some were great and epic, others quiet and mundane. Some were filled with joy, and others with sorrow. It didn't matter to her. Each one had its ups and downs, their own subtle twists and turns, their own strengths and weaknesses. She loved every single story she read, for no two stories were exactly the same, and each had their own unique charm.

Illnora loved her stories so much that she desired for others to read. And so she kept her ever growing collection within the halls of the Great Library of the Afterlife, so that all may come to read when one of their stories was finished. Each soul that read was also an author, and each life they lived was a new book in their series.

What was your most recent story? Come, sit, and read to find out.

Enter the Great Library!

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