Queen of Lust

From Create Your Own Story

Sunlight trickles into the room through a slim crack between the sheer black curtains. Stirring at the warmth, a woman yawns and rises slowly from her bed. She strides with unearthly grace to a mirror and beholds her naked form. She stands just at five and a half feet tall, with silver hair cropped above her shoulders and eyes of deep blue that seems to glitter faintly even when there is no light, light sunlight glinting off a sea gently undulating with waves. Her body is curvy, her stomach bearing only the slightest amount of pudge, with wide hips and a round ass to match capped off by a hairless mound giving way to a tight slit. But it is her breasts she is proudest of, to the point of vanity. The hefty orbs hang naturally but remain firm and supple, peaked in small pink nipples that she often plays with for hours on end. She never wore an outfit that didn't sport at least some cleavage. Her name is Eliza Highstone. She is a powerful mage, her body that of a thirty-something woman but her actual age something on the order of three hundred.

Weaving a spell, she conjured up an outfit of gold-trimmed black silk sheer enough to make it clear she wasn't wearing any underwear but opaque enough to not outright expose herself. The garment has billowing sleeves, a short tight skirt, and a deep v-neck swooping past her navel and joining with the golden buckle on her belt. She lifted her feet, taking two dainty steps forward, each foot in turn gaining a black shoe with a slight heel and criss-crossing dark silken straps ending in simple black garters just beneath the hem of her skirt.

Eliza heads out of the inn and into the streets of Mistfell, a small but bustling trade city. Within the city were many potentially interesting locations - a few taverns, a busy market, or the royal palace, among other possibilities. Outside the city walls to the north laid farmland, well protected from monsters and marauders by the city guard; and out of the south gate, the somewhat more dangerous swamps, home to a few rather exotic beasts.

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