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Feel free to add new princesses to the Princesses'List as long as you keep them interesting. (Copy-paste the source code of the template page in order to maintain the lay-out.)

Try not to make major edits to other's characters or stories unless they abandoned it midway through or gave you their permission. Spelling/grammar edits are always welcome. (Adding a separate road to an existing story is also OK unless it interferes with the rest of the story.)

Any modern technology is a no-go. A primitive flash grenade would be perfectly acceptable though.

Magical equipment can be freely imagined, but don't make something like a magic mobile phone *sigh* - this isn't a comedy >Hates comedies< there's telepathy for a reason ^^.

Keep the story as realistic as possible in a fantasy setting with magic, dragons, werewolves, vampires, etc. (PS. while supernatural creatures are certainly fearsome, they can't do anything ridiculous like punching down a castle wall - unless we're talking about something the size of a dragon maybe...)

Don't overdo it with the supernatural abilities - no creature is immortal. Though some can be a pain in the ass to kill. (i.e: that regenerative troll just won't friggin' die till you carve it into little bits and pieces or burn it altogether - and don't even get me started on acidic slimes...)

Mowing down an enemy platoon with fireballs is a fun idea. Wiping out an army by dropping a meteor from the sky? Not so much. Might allow it if there's a whole army of mages and significant set-up time involved.

Try to keep spells and magical applications consistent with other stories - you can imagine new branches of magic for yourself or a cult, but don't change the default magic used by everyone else. (Of course this only applies to magic used within this story - no point trying to keep it consistent with every other story out there..)

You are allowed to create a non-human Princess but only if you provide an interesting background story as how that came to be.

Contributions with poor spelling/grammar are fine as long as the story-line's good (and they're still readable), I can edit them when I like them, and I'll delete what I don't like regardless of spelling/grammar xp.

This story is supposed to have a decent storyline with occasional sexual encounters. It isn't the kind of story where you just wake up horny for no apparent reason and bang some random bystanders...

Try to keep the page titles in the format Princess_Name/param1/param2/../page title - though not all of the story so far has been successfully converted to this format yet, but hey - gimme a break. *sigh*

I only created this story recently - so I'll be adding to this guide as I see things I can't live with.

(if you don't already know how to edit pages.. plz use another story as a test subject >.< you can find plenty of exercise material in the Pit of Abandoned Stories.)


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