Lyle, a.k.a. Lilly (a trap's story)

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People look at Lyle McCann and see the middle son of overworked parents. He is overshadowed by his older siblings, fraternal twins who excel at everything they set in their sights. Even his younger sister gets more attention and affection than him. He has a small group of friends, no outstanding relationships, and doesn't seem to take advantage of the potential many teachers see in him.

People look at Lillian Lolly (Or Lilly to some) and see a cute boy showing off his girly body while using a variety of toys on himself. He seems a bit young, but the way he acts is far from childish. As a fan of everything girly, he loves showing off his panty clad rear, or his feet through his stockings whenever someone asks nicely. He likes to play with his toys, whether fucking a cock sleeve or shoving a dildo up his slutty ass.

Few would ever look at the two and realize that they are the same person. The quiet, introverted highschooler couldn't possibly be the tease they see online. Then again, there may be a few who are familiar with both who know the truth. There are a few without a clue who Lillian is and still have their questions about him, namely the panties some people catch a glimpse of hidden under his jeans.

The following is an episodic series of stories revolving around Lyle, a teenaged crossdresser. The chronology of each story may change over time and may break into alternate timelines, but the first "episode" will be After School Delight.

After School Delight

Character list

Lyle McCann


Kevin McCann and Kayla McCann, Lyle's older siblings.

Samantha McCann, Lyle's younger sister.

Michael McCann and Janice McCann, Lyle's parents.


Felicia Grey, his best friend since elementary school.

Gina Kline Felicia's girlfriend.

Hector Hernandez, his lab partner.

Brandon Knight, his friend at school and in online games (Namely Western Front: 1917)

Mr. Black, his favorite anonymous client.


The McCann house, the home of the McCann family.

New Argos, the city that acts as a backdrop for our story.

New Argos High, home of the New Argos Hoplites

More to come, perhaps

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