Lust in the Valley

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The San Argano Valley was once a small town north of Los Angeles, California but as the two modest towns grew it was eventually swallowed by L.A.'s endless urban sprawl. At first just another dense section of the city of Angels the valley rapidly changed in the 1970's. After winning a hard fought court case against the state of California that essentially legalized pornography in California several producers of pornographic movies celebrated their victory by setting up shop in the San Argano Valley.

As time passed their business grew until they were producing ninety percent of America's porn. For decades they raked in unfathomable amounts of money growing richer by the second as they filled the backrooms of video stores and cheap sticky theaters with their hardcore sex films. But their absurd rise to wealth was struck a hard blow with the rise of the internet and it's free tube sights. With customers refusing to pay they saw a drastic drop in their profits. Many claimed it was the end of the porn industry in the Valley but they were wrong. Today the industry still brings in twelve billion dollars a year.

It is a dirty cutthroat business full of scumbags and sharks who use and discard people like they were nothing but the right kind of person can make a killing in the Valley. Most end up leaving with broken dreams, terrible memories and a drug habit but I'm sure you're different.

If you're willing to live through a world of red hot sex, soul crushing humiliation, and steep competition then go on and read LUST IN THE VALLEY

WARNING beyond this point there is content some readers may find shocking, disgusting and wrong on every level. It is not my goal to offend or traumatize anyone. It is my goal however to provide a fantastical yet quasi realistic story about being in the porn industry. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER STORy. IF NOT BY ALL MEANS READ ON.

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