Love Magic

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Love Magic is a rare magic power bestowed to only a number of magicians. It is the practise of love and sexual-related spells - magicians that take this root practise all manor of spells. Such as the power of charm, which allows anyone to fall instantly in love with the magician or some practise darker sexual spells - such as a spell which could remove all clothing or make any sexual desire true.

You are a magician who is known for being very skilled at love magic. Some would say, that you are the best at it. You even opened your own shop that sold magical love-related items and potions. You even give out advice for those struggling with love. But nothing could be better, than toying with people and making them do whatever you wanted!

Which root did you choose, Love Magician?

  • Male (Heterosexual storyline)
  • Male (Homosexual storyline)
  • Female (Heterosexual storyline)
  • Female (Homosexual storyline)
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