Lost Lights

From Create Your Own Story

"Due to the court finding you guilty of crimes against our fair and just empire, i sentence you to life imprisonment on board an orbital cryogenic prison, in which you will be kept in suspended animation for an infinite period, until your death. To help ensure the safety of the people, as well as prevent the course of justice from being disrupted, you will also undergo a complete memory wipe" - High Justicar Thanus Flyyn

Your slumber is disturbed by a wailing high pitched noise, muffled as it appears to be coming from a long distance away. A realization that you cannot remember where you are, or anything else for that matter, is currently not an extreme concern for your groggy and tired brain. Your ears begin to perk up, focusing on the irritating noise as it slowly becomes louder and more clear, while you keep your eyes firmly shut, tiredness washing over you in constant waves. A soft, comfortable surface is underneath you, warm and appealing enough for you to wish that you could lie there forever, with the only thing preventing that possibility is the alarming sound that has almost quadrupled in volume and pace. You feel that you could fall back into the sleepy abyss regardless of the noise, but you also consider investigating the sound, perhaps you could find a way to shut it off, allowing yourself guaranteed undisturbed sleep.

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