Living With Your Sister

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Brandon Ursa, you're 18 years old. Until a few weeks ago, you lived with your mother, then she was killed in a mugging. Still having a semester left in high school, and needing a place to live, you went to live with your sister, Sarah. She is 22, has blonde hair, and a small apartment. You were never very close with her, but she's the closest family you have.

Besides your mother's death, the last few weeks haven't been that bad. You're getting comfortable in your new home, and your sister is getting used to living with someone.

Today, you got home after school, went to the kitchen and made yourself a bowl of cereal. You went to your room, and started on the mountain of homework you accumulated over the school day. You hear a faint noise coming from your sister's room, but it soon becomes louder. You try to concentrate on your homework, but you realize that the noise is your sister getting fucked. You realize that the sounds of her moans are making your cock erect. With a throbbing cock, and moaning, there is no way you can concentrate on your homework now.

Do you:

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