Life of the sexy female thief sly cooper

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You are sly cooper a young and hot thief with long black hair DD sized chest and a great ass with a thin and curvy body. You wear a zip up tube top and up to you on how she works her magic

Sly sneaking into sir raleigh Island to avoiding the squid and walrus guards. Sly is amazed at the level of security he has. "Sly to Bentley do you read?" She ask over her communicator. "Sly i read you loud and clear. Hows it on the island?"

sly counts the guards. "Not good lots of guards everywhere. Raleigh really wants to keep his fortress secured." Bentley just clears his throat. "Sly it worries me you being alone in the field. Please be careful."

"I will partner just ill check back in soon." Sly then shut her communicator off and rushes past all the light houses but runs into a large squid guard. Sly thinks for a moment. Should she try to attack him or try to sneak by.

attack him the squid guard

sneak by him

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