Life of a sexy Nerd

From Create Your Own Story

You are Tessa, a 18-year old high school student. A nerd, actually. You've always been this way finding more pleasure among the books than letting boys into your pants. It's not like the boys wanted to be there. Who wanted to fuck a nerd? But things changed when you came back to school after the break for your senior year. You have changed. You are tall, curvy with a perfect hourglass figure. You've got firm, heart-shaped ass and perky, double D breasts which men and women alike ache to touch and squeeze. You know the effect you have on the people around you. They leer and stare raping you with their eyes. The one of those people is your algebra teacher, Mr. Smith. He doesn't even try to hide when he eyes your breasts during the class and he even made a brave move of lifting your skirt and feeling up your thigh when no one was looking. You try to avoid him as much as you could.

"Hi Tessa." A voice breaks your train of thoughts. You look up to see Jenna, your friend. "You have to stay after the school to help the debate group prepare."

Do you:

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