Life of John Love

From Create Your Own Story

Today is Monday.

You are John Love, a 27 year old man who has a bright life ahead of him. You work at home reading and writing emails for the company you work at. You recently left your parents home and just moved in your new home. Today you finished moving all of the things inside and are ready to start your new life.

You've always been a man of few words, to the point that you had no social life until you started working. Thanks to work you have slowly developed your social skills and have become a rather powerful speaker. Your first sexual experience was with your boss, a woman with a porn actress body. She was a dominant woman that tried to take advantage of your calmer and more silent personality, of course that only worked until both of you got in bed and your base instincts easily overpowered her. After that both of you have had a non-official relationship.

As you sit down on your couch:

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