Life of Alex

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Alex was born to wealthy parents and grew up in a big house in a particularly fancy neighbourhood in the suburbs. The few times his parents were home when Alex was growing up, they kept to themselves, but most times they were away from the house for weeks at a time and left Alex and his older sister alone with a large amount of money to spend on taking care of themselves.

Alex's sister, Freyja, was quite a few years older than him and was forced to become his caretaker in their parent's absence. That extra responsibility at a young age made the girl grow up quickly, and it formed a tight bond between her and Alex. Her close bond with Alex gave Freyja a small escape from all the stress of raising a baby brother, by giving her a place to indulge in her more girly desires with the last person one might expect: the very brother in question.

The two often spent weekends having little sleepovers in the older sibling's room, where Alex was used as a blank canvas for Freyja to practice her makeup skills on. As well as that, Alex grew his hair out, so that she could style it. Alex didn't mind it one bit, he enjoyed spending time with his sister and actually enjoyed looking pretty. And those two statements hold true to this day, after years and years of their slumber-parties, especially after puberty graced him with a slender, feminie physique and soft facial features, making him an even prettier model for her to practice on.

In the early stages of his life, his near-estranged parents had say over what extracurricular activities Alex took part in. He hated his mathematics and foreign-language tutoring, and only tolerated his ballet classes, but the one thing he did enjoy were his music lessons. Alex started practising singing and guitar at the age of eight. He picked it up rather quickly and, after a few years, began writing his own songs.

As soon as Freyja had the funds to afford a place, she and Alex moved away from their neglectful parents to live together in a cheap apartment in the city. Alex is eighteen, now, and in his senior year of high school while Freyja works a couple jobs in order to support them both. Alex spends his free nights playing small gigs at local bars in an attempt to earn a little money for them as well.

Alex stands at about five-foot-four, and sports some deliciously milky smooth skin and very alluring curves -- especially for a boy. His hair is a stylishly unkempt mess of long, silky soft brunette waves which hang a fair few inches lower than shoulder length and frame his beautiful, effeminate face. His high cheekbones, small jaw, plush lips and thin pointed nose are all alluring, but the main attraction are his wide, stormy grey-green eyes which are complemented by a pair of thick but perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows. His years of ballet training gives the boy a lean, athletic set of muscles but their definition is softened by a thin layer of supple, fatty padding which gives him the best of both worlds: soft, plump, and cuddly, while maintaining his alluring shape and figure, and hiding a good deal of strength. Where this combination of muscle and plushness shines best is on the boy's thighs and backside, which are simultaneously shapely and chubby.

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