Life Changing Morning

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Olivia Ruggson. You are 24 years and you work for a media company. With black hair and blue eyes, you are a spry, short and "thick" girl at 5'4" and 110lbs. You would never describe yourself as "skinny" but you feel you are the right size. You have always been curvy even before puberty. You always choose clothes that you tend to "fill". Those little red marks from your underwear, shorts, bra being too tight? Marks of pride to you. Your little belly and hips also make you feel sexy. You have always been well endowed and people have always noticed.

You are slowly waking up. You feel the cold air on your naked body. Why am I naked?

The sun is shining in on your face, through a window...I don't have my windows open usually you think. You yawn and open your eyes slowly. As soon as your eyes get adjusted to the light you look around the room.

HOLY SHIT... This is not your bedroom! Where am I?, What is going on? You can't remember anything. You try to rack your brain, but your head hurts too bad to think. The only thing you can find is a pair of your underwear, still around your ankles. You hear a woman's voice, "Good morning sleepy head, I will be in a minute. I will bring you some coffee. You're going to need it after last night I think."

OH SHIT...You recognize that voice... you need to find your clothes NOW! You need at least your pants and shirt, you'll find a bra later.

Just then the doorknob turns.

"We really need to talk."

In walks.....

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