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In recent years there has been a decline in birthrates. Many have become infertile and sterile but of course this wasn’t released to the public. As a way to make up for it those with high birthrates were cataloged into LOFI





It is with this list that it is determined how many children will be born. But that seems to be not helping much so the government was coming up with a plan, they were to pick one lucky man to impregnate as many women as he wanted. They were choosing a respectable man off of their LOFI listing and if needed setting him up with an account to supply him.

But the night before the secret project was to determine its candidate the one person who goes unnoticed hatched a plan. The janitor, who is in the LOFI database messed with the computer so that he‘d be chosen.

It’s not like if he hadn’t he‘d have a chance anyway. They want respectable and grounded two of which he wasn’t. And males who don’t make a certain income weren't even considered even if on the list.

So a little altering here and there he put himself up for the highest candidate probability to be picked and embellished a bit to make him more appealing to their standards.

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