Let's Have Sex!

From Create Your Own Story

You're Jake, a normal college student hanging out with his best friend. Your friend, Rachel, or Ray, as many called her is very close to you. You met her a few years ago at lunch when someone brought up your favorite movie and you've been friends ever since.

The two of you are doing the usual, sitting around, talking and laughing at memes. You look at her while she's busy typing at her laptop. She has short,black hair which is shaved on one side of her head. Ray's face is very boyish, a trait many think of as a turnoff but you've always thought it was cute. She always wears men's clothes and it gives her a tomboy look. Today, she is wearing a Star Wars T-shirt and basketball shorts.

"Do you wanna have sex?" she asked.

The shock left you silent for a few moments. You've always fantasized about her and dreamt several times about having sex with her. However, this time, she is really asking you.

What do I do? What do I do?

Option: Have sex with Rachel

Option: Decline

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